What The Heck Is Attraction Marketing Anyway?

attraction marketing online

In today's fast-paced, high-tech world of Internet marketing, there are lots of techniques from which you can select that will benefit your company by increasing your reach, boosting your online presence and bolstering profits. And while there is a large debate about which method is best, there is certainly no denying that attraction marketing has become one of the biggest and most an online success marketing strategies to date, more often than not. But what makes vid little bit confusing is that attraction marketing alone is a little confusing to define. For so many people have different interpretations of attraction marketing, primarily due to its versatility.

Attraction marketing may be tailored to just about any organization and business model imaginable, adapting its core values to help those and corporations attain their marketing goals. From multi-level marketing strategies (MLM) to inbound marketing campaigns, attraction marketing is placed so differently because it is used so differently. Still, there are many basic tenets of attraction marketing that people can use to help define its essence, if not pin down its exactness.

The various Faces of Attraction Marketing

For starters, it should be noted that attraction marketing isn't a new concept. Overall, the cornerstone of attraction marketing would be to reach new customers and leads through the demonstration of value through affiliates and spokesmen. Perhaps one of the most classic-and successful-examples of attraction marketing would have been a company hiring a celebrity to endorse their service or product. To this day, this marketing strategy is still used, though mostly in print and television.

attraction marketing online

But with the integration of online marketing strategies, companies have refined their techniques thereby, redefined attraction marketing. Whilst the message of value continues to be at the underlying core in the strategy, it is now completed in a manner that is much more cost-effective, utilizing the viral capabilities from the internet instead. In a nutshell, the social aspect of the internet has taken the cost-and the celebrity-out of attraction marketing and replaced all of them with webpages and sales representatives.

Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing-The New Attraction Marketing

Still, the ultimate goal of attracting contributes to your business or website instead of going out and actively recruiting them will be the main focus of recent day attraction on the internet. For example, rather than cold-calling customers or sending out individual emails (or perhaps email blasts), it is far more prevalent to produce content that attracts brings about your site. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

For example, affiliate marketing online is a great way to leverage the work of others to boost traffic to your site. Essentially, you provide your affiliate partners with personalized links to your website and when they get targeted traffic to your site that generates a conversion, you pay them a commission. The affiliate partners might go create their own sites, content and social media marketing pages which increase not merely your perceived value, but in addition your reach. In a nutshell, your attraction rating is quickly extended by extension of your respective affiliate sites.

Overall, the actual here is that your marketing dollar will likely be better served by inbound marketing than outbound marketing. Considering the fact that internet searches mainly make your targeted audience (as a result of search engine algorithms that promote relevancy over bulk traffic), it's generally accepted that investing in attraction marketing will spend your marketing dollar on your targeted audience, as opposed to say a print ad which will reach more people, and not necessarily more potential leads which are high-conversion customers.

Becoming a Thought Leader and Authority Determine your Industry

Another way of attraction marketing is establishing yourself as an industry leader in your particular niche. Yet again, there are many ways to go about this, but some of the most popular are blogging and social networking sites. Both are equally effective when utilized correctly, but also for some businesses, blogging fits much better than social media-and vice versa-for establishing authority. Ultimately, it really comes down to tailoring your message across multiple mediums to obtain your brand across in the manner that you want it to.

With blogging, there are numerous goals, all of which are served simply by creating keyword-centric blogs offering value, interesting and fresh viewpoints, and so are consistently churned out. At these times:

You rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) as a result of increased keyword reach and fresh, relevant content. Therefore more incoming traffic and perceived value as a consequence of ranking position for the SERPs.
Your content carries a higher chance of going viral as a consequence of value and viewpoint, thus further increasing your reach and attraction fact.

With social internet marketing, your attraction factor is spread through organic and paid reach, providing you a better chance to not only recruit prospective customers, but also establish stronger bonds using your current ones. Social media marketing is all about interaction and engagement, as both versions serve to give you a possibility to get your value-based message on the market to your potential leads and current customers. This really is integral to attraction marketing. Plus, when you engage your fans, followers, etc., you also show up on their friends and family's social media sites, further increasing your reach. Because they're closely related to your target market, there's a good chance they may be part of your market as well.

How to Get Started

As we discussed, it's hard to pinpoint the exact definition and use of attraction marketing since it is so fluid and wide-ranging a thought. No matter what your business is, what your goal is or what your existing online marketing strategy is, attraction marketing can fit right in, helping you to boost sales and attain all of your current and future goals.